Judging Process

Our judging panel comprises of an independent panel of senior professionals. All judges will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement and must declare any involvement or association with any of the entries before the start of the judging process.

All entries will be completed online.

The categories have been developed to have specific criteria relevant to each category and there will be a word limit on each element.  This will ensure all entries are marked on a ‘like for like’ basis.

There is a two-stage judging process that is fair and transparent.

Following closing date for entries the awards will be divided between judges, with a minimum of three judges to each category. 

Stage One:

The initial stage of judging is undertaken independently. There is no discussing of entries with the panel at this stage.

Judges will be forwarded personal login details to a secure website where they will be able to access only their allocated categories.

Each element within the category will be scored out of 5 (5 being the highest) and this will be logged.  When the category has been viewed and completed an overall score will be displayed in the category area of the website, only for sight of the judge that has completed it.  There is also an additional box available for judges to add notes if required.

Stage Two: 

Final judging day when all the judging panel comes together in a private environment.

An overview of each category is provided by a moderator to the full panel and then the highest scoring entries from Stage One are discussed until a winner, and highly commended if needed, has been decided.

Love to Rent will have team members in attendance to moderate and supervise the judging process to identify and avoid any risk of bias.

Judging Process